about my Music

The world renowned pop group ABBA sang "Thank you for the music … Without a song or a dance what are we? So I say thank you for the music, for giving it to me"

I've been singing and making music my whole life in one form or another. I played the guitar, piano and saxophone and sang in choirs and played in the orchestra. But it was in singing that I found a life long partner. Singing to me is like an old friend no matter how much or how little I sing, when I do, I'm the best person I can be, I'm happiest! I share what I have through the music.

I've had the privilege to sing with many great people over the years, these include a cappella group Pente, the enchanting Libertas choir with Johan de Viliers, the gloriously ambitious Tygerberg Camerata and City of Tygerberg choir, under the baton of Linda Classen and more recently the lovely ladies of the a cappella band 8 Misses Croon.

Although I had many opportunities for solos as part of these groups I felt the need to get out there in a solo capacity, on my own. I am humbled to be a student of the talented Barend van der Westhuizen these days, where he helps me explore the journey that is my voice.

And that is what this section of the site is about: my music, my singing, my gratitude in receiving "the music" and the journey it is taking me on.

Here you can read more about where and when I will be performing and even book me for an event!

"So I say thank you for the music, for giving it to me"

Upcoming Performances

NGK Oostersee Kerssangdiens
Sondag 27 November - 09:00

Kleinmond/Pringlebaai Kerssangdiens
Sondag 18 Desember - 09:00