Tangle murals

I fell in love with Zentangle a few years ago, but I never imagined that it would take me on this Mural journey AND love it so completely!

Today I'm launching my "Tangle Murals" offering. I've done a couple of these projects for people and I must say loved the results and working with people to create something beautiful for their homes.

Contact me on: hello@talitaolivier.com or on 082 570 9794 to book your first consultation today!

How it works:

  1. I set up a meeting with you preferably in the space where you would like the mural to be and we talk about what you think you want and I show you my previous work so you can form an idea of what I do an don't do.
  2. I go away and come up with ideas and designs and we meet again to see if it will work in the space and for your taste.
  3. We cost the project and agree on timelines "by when".
  4. You pay a 50% deposit to cover materials and people I need that assist me.
  5. And then I come to your space and draw! I typically use an assistant to do the 'trace' work for me and then I create the tangle art myself.
  6. Depending on the size of the wall I might need scaffolding, which I have a contact for and would have a cost impact of course.
  7. I sign my work, even if it is inside a house :)


  • First consultation at the site: No charge
  • Design & second consultation at the site: R150 once off
  • Trace work: R250 p/h
  • Pens: Depending on colours and size of wall
  • Scaffolding hire: R250 p/day
  • Scaffolding operatives (typically need 2 people): R100 p/day per person
  • Drawing time: R500 p/h for smaller murals (1 - 2 meters); R350 p/h for larger murals (3 - 4 meters)
  • 50% Deposit paid once design signed off, balance payable upon completion.
I am based in Somerset West in the Western Cape. Travel costs for projects is based on my AA certificate suggested for vehicle rates.
Churches and Charity organizations are welcome to contact me on hello@talitaolivier.com to negotiate alternative rates.

Projects I've completed

16 September 2016: Home in Brackenfell, Protea Heights

Approx 1 m in length eachDrawing time: 1 hour

24 -25 September 2016: Painting it Forward Project, Karl Bremer Hospital, Children's Wing

3 x murals all approx 1 x 1.5 m eachDrawing time: 16 hours

15 October 2016 - Mirror

Did these tangles on my mirror at home, not a mural but a good example of how Zentangle could be applied on anything.Approx 1 x 0.5 mDrawing time: 4 hours

20 - 21 January 17, 27 - 29 January 17 - Dutch Reformed Church Hottentots Holland in Somerset West, Church Hall Murals

  • Large wall, each mural on the side approx 4.x 3 m
  • Thinner wall, the arch in the back of the hall, approx 4 x 9 m
  • Drawing time: 20 hours, across 2 weekends
  • Required scaffolding and people to move me around on the scaffolding